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      Annually in cities thousand dogs and cats are lost. What to do to owners of animals if the four-footed friend was suddenly lost? How the special services which have found it, can define the owner? The standard systems of identification existing today do not provide sufficient degree of safety of the information. Clip-on earrings, it is possible to lose labels easily, tattoos are deformed in due course, and in need of them it is possible to forge.
      Firm "Bayer" offers a new method of identification of animals. It is number resistant to a fake which remains with an animal during all his life

Mikrochip tagging:
new idea?

     Originally developed in America in the early 1980's, the implantable microchip was introduced into the UK in 1989, mainly for companion animals. The concept of the microchip as an identification device for animals is innovative, offering an effective, safe and tamper-proof means of identification.
     Initially, the lack of compatibility between the implanting systems on the market, and the inability of the microchip readers from one manufacturer to read the microchips from another was a problem.
     These problems have now been addressed. The International Standard incorporating ISO 11784 and ISO 11785, when adopted by all manufacturers, will eventually lead to complete compatibility between available systems. This is a very important aspect of microchip technology as it is essential to positively identify all microchipped animals. Under the auspices of the International Standards Organisation, this standard has been established and has also been implemented as a British Standard.

ISO 11784

   ISO 11784 describes the code structure of the microchip. The microchips are based on 64-bit usable capacity and carry a 15-character code. This includes a country code, and a unique identification code, which must not be duplicated in any country for at least 100 years.

ISO 11785

     ISO 11785 applies to the standard covering the technical functioning of the reader and microchip, determining how the information is stored and also how it is activated and exchanged between the two.


     1. For small animals, a so-called "FDX-B" microchip is being used. When a signal is sent from the FDX-B reader, the information link between reader and microchip is continuous.This method gives a very quick and accurate reading.


     2. For large animals, either "HDX" or "FDX-B" technology can be used. Chips will be larger and designed to have a higher strength signal. Reading using this technology allows a very extended distance between reader and microchip when reading.

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