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The implant and registration procedure


chipping of dogs

     This information is important if the procedure is to be successful. It is also described on the inner lid of the sterile implant box

chipping of cats

what's the

     1. Firstly check that the animal is not already implanted by scanning with the reader. If a previously implanted microchip is found, check with the PetLog register to ascertain the ownership of the animal. Never implant more than one microchip into an animal.
     2. Only implant if the animal is in good physical condition.
     3. Read the microchip that is to be implanted while it is still inside its pack, prior to use. Check that the number corresponds with that on the bar code labels within the sterile pack - if it does not, discard and use another pack.
     4. Ensure that both microchip and implanter have been sterilised by checking that the appropriate panel is the correct yellow colour. Check the integrity of the pack - if in doubt, discard.
     5. Locate the correct implantation site and observe the usual aseptic precautions.
     6. Open the pack, remove the plastic cover from the needle and inject the animal subcutaneously, inserting the needle to its full depth. Then depress the plunger to insert the microchip. ENSURE THE PLUNGER IS DEPRESSED AS THE NEEDLE IS WITHDRAWN. Slight pressure should be applied to the implant site to control any slight bleeding on withdrawal of the needle and to ensure that the microchip stays in place.
     7. Replace the plastic cover over the needle and dispose of correctly.
     8. Scan for the implanted microchip, then record the microchip number (by the use of the bar-code sticker) as well as the animal's details on the registration form. If no number is displayed, check that the microchip has not been voided from the implanting needle before implantation, or worked back through the implant point.


     9. The registration forms should be allocated as per the instructions on the form, using the reply-paid envelope to send the appropriate copy to the PetLog database.
    10. Attach the collar tag provided to the animal's collar where possible.









* Implant sites are shown for some animals on the reverse of the animal implant pack..


* For horses, insert into the nuchal ligament.

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