The uniform database chipped animals of Ukraine is a part of the international search system and is accessible from any point of the world!   
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Lifetime registration of chipped animals


     And so, chipping animal (dog, cat, mouse, ...) completed successfully. What next?

     Included is a sufficient number of labels with bar codes to be used in reports and registration.
     Registration takes place in the national database chipped animals who cooperate with the and EuroPetNet. Once the animal is registered, the data will remain in the database for life and will be available from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If during the life of the animal data needs to be corrected, it can be done through the database administrator.
     Registration Forms must be filled out during the chipping, including the attachment of labels with bar codes (from a sterile package) to the desired location on the form.
     The package contains three or six labels with bar codes:
     1 for registration in the national database chipped animals;
     1 for reporting organization holds chipping;
     1 inserts a pet passport;
     3 for future needs (the owner of the animal).
     These labels are to be distributed, respectively, and one of them should be sent, together with the completed and signed form for registration in the national database chipped animals, the database administrator.
     And you can always make a suitable workshop badge or patch on the collar with the number of the chip. This will help in an emergency room to find out the chip before reading his scanner and also acts as a visual deterrent against theft.



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