The uniform database chipped animals of Ukraine is a part of the international search system and is accessible from any point of the world!   
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The animal coder system


The Animal Coder System is designed to meet the code and technical specifications laid down in ISO 11784 and ISO 11785.

The МicroCHIP

Одноразовый имплантатор

Одноразовый имплантатор 

     An FDX-B microchip conforming to ISO 11784 and 11785, is pre-loaded into a disposable implanter which is prepacked and sterilised, together with a number of adhesive bar-coded labels for use with the registration form.

A Collar Tag


The Reader

Сканер         ISO MAX IV or ISO MAX V reader is fitted with a rechargeable battery. A charging unit is supplied. The reader can detect:

- FDX-B (complies with IS011785)
- Trovan
- HDX (complies with IS011785)

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