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The microCHIP


What is the Tracer microchip like?

     The microchip is small, barely larger than a grain of rice, and is approximately 12mm x 2mm in size. It consists of a glass capsule made of bio compatible glass which is readily accepted by the body tissues. Within the glass capsule is a silicon chip carrying the unique individual code, together with a ferrite rod and copper coil that receives and sends the information to the reader. The microchip is passive until activated by the reader. It is unobtrusive and harmless to the animal.

The microchip for pets T-IS 8010 FDX-B The microchip and a grain of rice. Microchip and rice grains.

How are the Tracer microchip coded?

 Microchip code conforms to ISO 11784 contains a 128-bit data and is unique to each microchip:
- 11 bits - the start 00000000001;
- 38 bits - the identification code;
- 10 bits - the country code, according to the ISO3166 standard;
- 1 bit - additional data display;
- 14 reserved bits;
- 1 bit - the type of transponder "animal";
- 16-bit - CCITT CRC over the previous bit;
- 24-bit - on the application.
This code can be read by passing the reader over the microchip. This unique code will then be displayed on the LCD screen of the reader and consists of a series of fifteen characters.
     Standard ISO 11784/11785, the following rules to this code (in simplified form):
     - The code consists of 15 characters;
     - The first 3 - (three) of the mark - the country code, according to ISO 3166 (or the manufacturer's code, if not the first);
     - The remaining 12 characters - a unique individual animal code. (In order to create a more recognizable code and at the same time ensure its uniqueness and originality, many manufacturers add to the top of this set the manufacturer's code.)
     In order to guarantee the individual and non-repeatability of the code in the microchip brand TRACER, their individual 12-digit animal code starts with the manufacturer, the company «DATAMARS» - (981). And if ever, what any other firm will produce microchips with a code of Ukraine (804), the full code of the microchip the animal will never happen again and will be any unique prefix of a 12-digit ID-number.

     Thus, the code of the microchip brand TRACER is as follows:
Country Code
(804 - Ukraine)
   The sequence number of the microchip in the series
All together formed a UNIQUE CODE in the animal              

   - «804» - the country of registration of Ukraine will also be read by many scanners as a "UKR" (depending on the type of scanner). This is the standard barcode for Ukraine, according to the standard ISO 3166. This part of the code is essential if the animal will move freely around the world, in the future it will determine the country of origin.
   - «0» - reserved symbol (in this case a group of shared codes).
   - «981» - code of the microchip manufacturer, according to ICAR list - Swiss firm «Datamars».
   - «00028075» - individual animal unique code for that brand of microchip.
   All together it creates a unique animal identification ("804098100028075"), which will not be duplicated, in any country in the world, at least the next 100 years, which makes it possible to always accurately and completely identify the animal (as well as the right to get some idea country of origin).

For information and an example.

   Values and decoding of some code:

    - «804» - Ukraine;
    - «031» - Azerbaijan;
    - «112» - Belarus;
    - «268» - Georgia;
    - «643» - Russia;

    - «981» - «Datamars», Switzerland;
    - «956» - «Trovan Ltd.», Germany;
    - «965» - «4D Technology Co. Ltd.», Thailand;
    - «972» - «Planet ID GmBH», Germany;
    - «985» - «Destron Fearing / Digital Angel Corporation», USA;

    - «900» - Free code. Use a variety of producers who do not have their own registered codes.


Microchip T-IS 8010 FDX-B. Dimensions.
The microchip for pets. Actual size.
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