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Chipping of animals. The choice of the implantation site.



     These major veterinary organisations have all been enthusiastically involved in the evolutionary process towards the establishment of the International Standard. They are anxious to ensure that the transition from the existing technology to that of the Standard is conducted as smoothly as possible.
     The main concern is that the existing base of microchipped animals is protected. To this end, they have strongly urged that current readers which cannot read microchips complying with the International Standard are exchanged by the companies that supplied them for multi-tag readers (capable of reading current microchips as well as those meeting the Standard).
     This will ensure that animals already microchipped will not be missed. Bayer has led the way in complying with this request, and has placed nearly 500 readers having this multitag capability in the rescue and retrieval network. The veterinary profession can be assured that the Tracer system can read not only its own microchip, but also the vast majority of those previously implanted.

     The correct implant site is of the utmost importance not only to allow future accurate scanning of the microchip, but also to ensure that the possibility of migration is kept to the absolute minimum.
     At present there are varying implant sites suggested for a range of animals which have been adopted in different countries. As this handbook is being compiled, the BSAVA are gathering information on implant sites from across Europe to evaluate the most effective sites to be adopted for future use.
     A number of criteria are being examined including any correlation between positioning of the microchip in relation to the incidence of migration.They are also taking note of the number of differing sites for any particular species.
     At present the recommendation for implant sites for Tracer microchips will conform to those already widely used in the UK. The recommendations are restricted to a few companion animals and appear to have proved satisfactory over the period in which they have been practised.

Chipping of animals. Location of microchip implantation in horses. Chipping of animals. Location of microchip implantation in a cat. Chipping of animals. Location of microchip implantation in a dog.
dogs and cats subcutaneously along the mid-line, between and just above the shoulder blades.  
horses mid-point, left side of the neck into the nuchal ligament.  
elephants hypodermically in a tail left-hand side in thickness of a fold  
other mammals > 17см from a backbone to shovels at the adult individual - hypodermically in the basis of the left ear;
<17см - between shovels
  lymphatic cavity the formed aperture to cover with glue for a skin
for adult individuals more 1,5kg
(and-or long-legged)
hypodermically To impose a seam, to cover the formed aperture with glue for a skin
For adult individuals less 1,5kg intramuscularly in the widest place of the left chest muscle, in the bottom direction  
(ostriches and so forth)
  muscle at top of a bend of a neck Age from 4 days
  hypodermically in the neck basis  
> 30 sm inside of the left back fin or "shoulder" muscles.
It is widely approved industrially
< 30 sm uterus cavity the weight from 0,5kg is recommended
turtles hollow of the left back finiteness hypodermically at small kinds, intramuscularly - at large and thin-skinned kinds. (The Formed aperture to cover with glue for a skin.)
crocodiles hypodermically, opposite to occipital group  
lizards >12,5см from a head to a tail - hypodermically in a groin zone on the left side,
<12,5см - in a uterus
snakes hypodermically in a neck left-hand side / or in breast muscles From a nose tip to measure two heads are long
Chipping of animals. Location of microchip implantation in reptiles. Places chipping reptiles. Crocodile. Places chipping reptiles. Frog. Places chipping reptiles. Snake.
Places chipping reptiles. Iguana. Places chipping reptiles. Snake.        Places chipping reptiles. Tortoise.

Chipping of animals. The choice of the implantation site.

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